Monday, 22 January 2018

22nd January 2018

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thanks to all who took the time to read and or comment on my last weeks blog post.

This is what I have been up to in the last seven days :-

Prairie Schooler

I worked on this for the IHSW and spent about 9 hours working on it, just ran out of steam to finish it and my eyes were sore so thought it best to stop and start a fresh another day.

Lady Lilac
Not much progression here I only managed to put in one hour but am hoping to do a little more this week.

Kings and Queens
I started this last March and I have now finished Henry VIII. I am going to attempt to complete at least one a week which will mean by the end of the year I will have a completed project.
I added a little more before the end of the week

A Dictionary of Tea

I started this kit back in 2014 and have only done a little on it
With this project I am going to try and complete one block a month so again by the end of the year I should have another kit finished
Here is where it is now

In the Sunset by Riolis

This was my birthday present and is my second new start of 2018  - I am trying to limit the total number of starts I have this year - we shall see already two in January. When I purchased this I did not realise it was a full coverage piece but it is and has 72,600 stitches and a smattering of beads in the waves. I worked on it for  2 evenings and below is my progress, I counted up and left from the centre point so that I could start in the top left hand corner of the design.
I am very pleased with the progress I made on this.

Finally I worked on Tempest for a few hours I was in a challenge but I found it increasingly difficult to keep up - wrong project I think and so withdrew from it but I have added over 2000 stitches to this project this month
This is where I was with it last time and below is where I am now
I will return to this in February when I attempt to put another 1200 stitches in it for the By the Numbers event in the Full Coverage Fanatics group.

I also nearly forgot to add the ATC's that I stitched for January as they have now been received
The designs are by Barbara Hammet from her Art Nouveau book and Joan Elliott from her Teddies book.

That's it for this week, I am not doing a book or tv update this time but I did finish 4 books in the last week, my reading bug is going great guns so far this year.

So until next time
Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Monday, 15 January 2018

15th January 2018

Hi Blogger Friends,

As always thank you to all who took the time to read and or comment on last weeks blog posting.

So what have I been up to over the last week.

I only worked on 4 projects and one of those I cannot show this week as it is my January ATC's . As both are going to the same person in the UK I should hopefully be able to post a photo of them next week.

The main project I worked on is my Focus Project which at the moment is Enchanted Aurora by Joan Elliott
This is where I picked it up from and below is my progress
so I am now onto the final page of stitching and am going to continue working on this on evenings in the coming week. I spent 16hrs over 7 days working on this in the last week and added 2,603 stitches. I do not normally count the stitches on projects but this one is being used as part of  the Every Member Counts SAL this month and I achieved the target figure on Thursday.

I  also continued with Letter R the Prairie Schooler Alphabet
This is where I left it last week
So not a great deal of progress around 3 hrs stitching but as always something is better than nothing I do intend to get considerably more done this week.

I also continued with The Tempest as part of the challenges in the Full Coverage group and the Snowball Splat with The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group on Facebook
This is where it was last week
I have now added 1871 stitches, I have achieved my goal for the Full Coverage Fanatics SAL of 1200 stitches, I am currently working towards 2000 to get some more snowballs in the other challenge but I have two splats to pay for so it will be 2100 before I can get them, hopefully over the coming week.

I did not work on any other projects as I just was not feeling it.

Books and TV

I finally finished reading a couple of books this week. In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende which I really enjoyed and Colour Confident Stitching by Karen Barbe, this was very good on understanding colour theory and I will certainly use it as a reference for future projects etc. I still have lots of books partially read but I am now up and running with my book challenge.

I did not watch that much this week I did watch Hidden Figures on Friday night which was a very good film and discovered that How to Get Away with Murder Series 3 was now on Netflix as I managed to miss it when it was on Sky, so I started to watch that I am about 6 episodes in and then discovered that Sky has Series 4 started so series linked that to record so that when I finish S3 I can go straight into Series 4. Now this should probably only have run for 1 series as it is getting a little silly but Viola Davis is such a good actress I think they manage to pull it off.

So that is it for this week and I will be back next week with another update.

Bye for now
Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Monday, 8 January 2018

8th January 2018

Hi Blogger Friends,

As always thank you to all who read and or commented on last weeks post .

So what did I do in week one of 2018

Well the 1st January 2018 was my 49th Birthday so less than a year now until the big one😊 So I made a start on The Graces by Maggie Gee Needlework , I am using fabric that my daughter Hannah got me for Christmas which is a white 28ct Brittney (Lugana) and I am using the recommended DMC and Kreinik Blending Filament as on the chart.  I worked on this for 7evenings.  Because I did not want to get fabric bigger than a fat quarter (as my daughter was getting it for me) the border width ways will be on the small side.
below is where I got to after 7 evenings stitching on it.
It is a shame the photo does not show how sparkly parts of this are as there is both silver and gold high lustre blending filament used quite a bit which is one of the reasons I did not get more done in the 17 hours I spent stitching on it. Very fiddly stuff.

I also did one half hour session on Winter Sampler, this is where we left it last week
and here it is now

I started letter R of the Prairie Schooler Alphabet below is a photo of where I am with the project to date and my progress on letter R this week
I did five sessions on this over the week and am happy to have completed the bottom box.

I started to do an hour or so a day on Tempest, my goal with this is to get 1200 stitches in as part of the January - By the Numbers event in the Full Coverage Fanatics group on Facebook and I am also using it for the Snowball Splat challenge in The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group which runs until February 4th. Below is my meagre start and my progress 
I have added 1,108 stitches the 100 stitch box you can see on the right of the photo was stitched to pay for the 2 snowball splats I received in the challenge and that small box contains 15 different shades of floss.

My Weekend stitching this month is Chatelaine's Sleeping Beauty Castle and I managed to get some work done on this on Sunday as Saturday we were out for the day and I was too tired to work out where I was with this project. My goal is to get at least 4 days stitching on this in January.
This is where I picked it up from and below is my  progress
I also worked on this months ATC's I had completed the Art Nouveau one and am making reasonable progress on the Teddy one As always I will show photos of these once the recipient has received them.  I did receive my December Christmas theme this cute Elf from Jo Makowski
and the one I made and posted to Australia finally arrived it took almost a month
I also  received my Birthday present a kit I ordered from Russia which took less than two weeks to get here it is the Riolis Premium kit called In the Sunset

It has 14ct Zweigart aida and Anchor threads which I will be using both. I do not see the point of buying a kit if you are going to swap everything out and I do not have any problem working on aida.

Talking of sunsets this is a photo I took on Saturday evening leaving Cowes, Isle of Wight after popping home for the day to visit my Mum and also meet up with my Sister, niece and two adorable great nephews (who both have the most beautiful grey/blue eyes).

The colours are so very me.

Finally I was not going to do any Stitch a Longs this year until I saw that Lesley Teare has brought out two for 2018 a Sunbonnet Sue one which I may do at some stage but also a gorgeous floral one
This one I really do want to do, as to when I will start it I am not sure as it may mean buying a piece of fabric and I will not be able to do that until I have earned some credit but I think it is beautiful. I have included the link for the Facebook group for thisLesley Teare Floral Sampler 2018 SAL

Books and TV

Just after midnight I set my Goodreads challenge for 2018 to 52 as always and started 8 books, one being a non fiction and one audio. So I am reading In the Midst of Winter and The Cider House Rules as my downstairs and bed books. I have also started the Magician's Nephew as I have a list of children's fantasy series I want to get through this year and I am listening to Snow White Must Die which is a crime thriller and my non fiction is a book call Colour Confident Stitching which is about colour theory and stitching and is very interesting. I have had no finishes with reading this week.

TV wise New Year means new television series and the first of these that I settled down to was McMafia starring James Norton which is based on real life and is about the Russian mafia it is quite violent but I will continue with it. I finally finished watching Feud about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford who only worked together on one film and that was very good and last night the new series of Vera started which is another detective series that I like.

So that is it for this week

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Sunday, 31 December 2017

31st December 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Firstly I thought I would post what I received from my family for Christmas and some lovely stitching stuff I did receive

Harry Potter, the bookmark plus fabric and Beacon at Daybreak were from my daughter and the other kits were from my husband. The fabric is for my new year start which you will see in next weeks blog post.

So what did I stitch over the last 7 days

Winter Sampler
This is where I left it last week and below is where I have managed to get to.

I have discovered this week whilst stitching on this that the kit I bought has two top left and two bottom right charts but no top right or bottom left. So this means that when I come back to working on it in 2019 with a view to finishing I will need to purchase the chart from Kooler so that I can complete the design. A bit frustrated that I did not spot this when I started the kit but heigh-ho these things happen.

Christmas Stitching

I worked on three Christmas projects and below are my starting and finishing points

and this is where it is now
I am quite happy with the progress but you may notice a small nick in the perforated paper at the bottom left this was because foolishly I tried to pull through some thread that had a knot in it and manage to rip out some of the perforated paper so I patched it from behind and restitched the small section effected. I think I have learnt my lesson here, more care needed when working with perforated paper.

Victorian Ornament 2

I started this in  November but it was a very small start
and here is where I got to with it

Joan Elliott Twelve Days of Christmas
This is where it was and below is my progress after a couple of hours
I am back stitching as I go as there is quite a lot of it in this project.

Finally I asked on Instagram/Facebook for people to help me choose from 5 projects which one I should stitch on for the final 5 days of 2017 before my new stitching plan starts. The project chosen was Historic Forest Sampler by Mary Hickmott  below is my starting point and where I ended up with it on the 31st December 2017
I managed to finish page 7 (the chart has 9 pages in total) the bottom left of the design and did a bit more on page 8

I actually only stitched on this for four days in the end.
So not a huge amount of stitching but something is better than nothing.

Finally a little stat - I had 46 finishes in 2017, mainly small things like bookmarks, biscornus and ATC's but I did have 9 Prarie Schooler alphabet letters which have a stitch count of approx 110 x 70 each, I finished Simon which was 220 x 220. Earlier in the year I finished my Kingfisher design and Home of a Needleworker Too, plus I finished Welsh Garden Blackwork and finally completed the Martha Jones 1792 reproduction sampler which has a stitch count of 226 x 226. On the whole I am pleased with what I achieved in 2017 and here's to similar success in 2018. If you want to view my FB album of these finishes here is the link 2017 Finishes Album

Books and TV

I finished Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher which was very enjoyable and the ideal read for this time of year being set around the Christmas period. I also finally finished The Year of Living Danishly, and managed to squeeze in one more ebook Emily Goes to Exeter by M C Beaton writing as Marion Chesney taking my total books read in 2017 (that's physical, ebook, audio and non fiction) to 90 and  I  read 32,255 pages according to my Goodreads stats. Here is the link to My 2017 Year in Books   Not bad as my goal as always was to read 52 books and will remain so in 2018. I already have a bedtime TBR for 2018 which consists of 24 books the goal to read 30 pages per night to finish them all by the end of the year. I did do a similar thing earlier in 2017 and managed about 11 books before I hit a reading slump, I want to do better in 2018.

Strangely enough being Christmas I did not watch much TV, just repeats and things that I know I like. I don't think this years fare has been that good to be honest.

So that is is for this week and for 2017. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Until next time

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

22nd January 2018

Hi Blogger Friends, Thanks to all who took the time to read and or comment on my last weeks blog post. This is what I have been up to in...