Monday, 23 October 2017

23rd October 2017

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thank you to all who read and/or commented on my last blog post.

So here is what I did over the last 7 days

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

This is where it was last week
and here it is now

I finished it. This letter took 19.5 hrs over 12 days so a bit quicker than most of the letters and I think it looks really good.


This is where it was last week
and here it is now

So finally finished the face and am now working on completing the bottom half of the this page. My goal is to have this done by the end of the month which will leave me just under a page to do.

Viennese Waltz

Here is where I left it last Saturday
and here it is now

So I finally completed the top half of the design and began working on the man's coat. Progress if slow going.

Strawberry Thief

Here is where I left it last Sunday
and here it is now

It does not look a lot of progress but this session was frustrating as I had done considerably more only to have to unpick it because I was off - grr. Never mind it is further along than last week. I think next Sunday I will work in reverse and do this during the day and something else that isn't on dark fabric in the evening I  might have a better result then.

Moonlit Kitties

Here is where I left it last week
and here it is now
I am pleased with my progress on this project. I am still hoping to get it completed during October but if I do not I will continue in November with it until it is completed.

On Saturday I finally got around to using my sewing machine which I got in February
and after having fun getting the bobbin loaded I did not realise you only take out the little spool not the whole casing out - duh I managed to get it threaded and the bobbin thread pulled up and away I went.
Firstly I hemmed a piece of stitching fabric this made quick work of what usually takes me at least half an hour and then I decided to finally finish  the Flora McSample 2013 stockings which I stitched in 2013
Now they are not perfect but at least they are ready for the tree now and it is all a learning process.

On Saturday I also had two small starts firstly on this apple. It is one of four designs that in the magazine article could either be framed or made into pot holders. I am stitching this one on 32 ct French Lace Permin linen - I have enough fabric to do at least one more of the designs on the same fabric.
I have wanted to do these for some time and am glad that I have finally at least started one. I also made a start on Luna by Shannon Christine Designs. This was meant to have been started last October and I did not get around to it
Not a huge start but a start nonetheless. The fabric is Crafty Kitten 28ct Twilight Shadows Opalescent linen.

My daughter Hannah came and stayed for a couple of days and it was lovely to see her. She has just come back from a trip to South Korea with her boyfriend and she brought me back two lovely gifts a compact and a bookmark
On return from her holiday she got promoted at work and is now a duty manager so well done Bebe (our pet name for her).

I went for my 6 monthly checkup at the dentist on Monday and thankfully it was just that, and as always I got myself very anxious prior to going. Silly me. Also on Monday we had the strangest sky a pink sun because of the incoming storm Ophelia.

My phone camera didn't quite get it but it was pink with an orange hue to it. All the same very weird.

So that's it for this week. It will probably be more of the same next week so until then bye for now.

Happy Stitching

Lisa x


Monday, 16 October 2017

16th October 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thank you to all who read and/or commented on last weeks post.

Here is what I have been up to over the last week

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

This is where I left the project last week
and this is where I am now at
I did not get as much done as I had hoped so I must try  and do better this week.


Here is where I left him last week
and again I have not got as much done as I had hoped but I did get some done
So you can see I filled in a little more of Daddy Orangutans face.

Enchanted Aurora

This was my evening focus project for this week and here is where I left if last month
and the second photo is my progress. This project was the other one I was counting stitches to achieve my total for The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group Every Member Counts SAL - Stitches and Witches and Frogs, Oh My !!. I needed to get to a total of 3231 stitches and I added 1519 to this project giving me a total of 3240 so challenge complete.

Viennese Waltz

Here is where I left it last week
and a recurring theme for this week in that I did not get as much done as I had hoped but I did continue with the lower right of the top half. I did only about an hours stitching.

Strawberry Thief

Here is where I left it last week
and I continued working up the right outer border and I made reasonable progress with a couple of hours stitching

Moonlit Kitties

This is where I got to last week
and here it is now
Slowly making progress with this one.

Because I want to get some things completed by the end of the year I have decided not to work on Autumn Sampler. I know I said I was going to do 45 hours but I only have so much time and something has to give. So for the time being that is on hold but at least I now have all four started.

Other Stitching

I had one new start this week which was Northern Expressions Needlework's Shades of Gold
and I did a very little bit of stitching on this project
I chose to use the recommended DMC colours of 728 and 780 on 18 ct Chocolate Aida.

I also took part in another Challenge with The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group. This one was called Stitchy Recipe for a Witchy Brew. You could work on any project you liked. So I dragged out a very old project Summer Ball a design by Sandy Littlejohns from three old issues of Cross Stitch Collection ( I don't know what they are as I bought the kit from the magazine which also included a the chart.)
This was my starting point, I had to stitch 1500 stitches I managed 1520 stitches
But also to complete the challenge you had to add a photo of a bowl, with 5 needles, 7 skeins of floss, a highlighter, scissors and the project photo.  This part I did not initially realise was a actual requirement (I am still fairly new to these challenges)
So that's all the stitching I have done this week.

I did have some Happy Mail on Saturday. My DMC collectors tin with the new 35 shades of DMC came. The tin is a lot bigger than I imagined it would be.
I also received the new release from Hands Across the Sea Samplers (HATS) which is a limited release and is a double chart pack of two sister samplers Isabella Uffindell 1829 and Ann Tong Uffindell 1835 both the original samplers where stitched when the girls were 10 years old they are beautiful. They are also large sampler Isabella has a stitch count of  332 wide by 481 high and Ann is 320 wide by 378 high.

This chart pack was £40 and in my mind worth it. It is not coming out of my Stitch from Stash as I am having it as my Christmas present from my husband as I did not want to miss out as I they are only doing a limited run of this chart and I really want to stitch them both. I know I work on a variety of things but Samplers were my first love and the thing I always return to. Reproductions are very much an area I want to work more with. I now have 5 of HATS charts or which I only have 1 started. This will be remedied in the coming months. Now I have the challenge of getting both these girls kitted up. I will most likely do them on 40 ct 1 over 2 linen threads as to silk or DMC I am not sure yet. It sadly will probably come down to cost, but we shall see. HATS does have a chart which as yet I do not own that is beautiful and only uses about 11 skeins of silk so that might be the one where I give silk a proper go, but as I do not own the chart - it is a way off yet.

As of this coming week I am abandoning my rotation as I need to concentrate on getting Prairie Schooler Alphabet where it needs to be for the beginning of 2018. I need to get Simon finished and he is still a long way off and ideally I would like to get at least one more completion before the years end.

I am not going to do my usual update of Books and TV mainly because I have hardly read anything and have watched the same shows I mentioned last week. However I will make a quick comment regarding the series Victoria. The current run ended last night. There is a Christmas special to come. As much as I have really enjoyed the series I do have a little bug bear with it. The dramatists keep changing the actual history. If you are going to do a historical drama please stick to the facts as too many people will  take what they see to be fact when it is not. Criticism over, apart from that I really enjoyed series 2.

So that's it for this weeks update

Happy stitching

Lisa x


Monday, 9 October 2017

9th October 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thank you to all who read and/or commented on last week's blog post it is very much appreciated that you take the time to do so.

Here is my stitching progress for the last week

Prairie Schooler Alphabet
This is where I left it last week on letter P and below is where I have now progressed to.
Some reasonable progress made over 4 days I took the weekend off stitching on this project. This letter is working up quite quickly which is good.


This is where it was last week and below is my progress. Not as much as I would have hoped but getting there nonetheless.
I only worked on this on three days this week but am pleased with the progress I am making on Daddy Orangutans face. This coming week will see this completed as I am going to make it my focus. There are a lot of colour changes in this section so this has slowed me down and also caused me to have a bit of a slump with my stitchy bug. This project is to be a focus during November and December and I will abandon my evening rotation so that I can get this project completed.

Parrot Tulips
This is where I left this project in August, once again I used this project to count stitches for the Every Member Counts SAL in The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group on FB. Over the 5 nights I worked on this I got 1721 stitches done toward the target figure of 3,231 stitches. Below is my progress

I  stitched for 13 hrs over 5 evenings. This project is now going away until next year when it will be part of my Year of Wips which I have joined on Facebook in the Souful Stitching group. I will be doing 18 in total 8 of these will be my Prairie Schooler Alphabet 1 is a Mystery Project that will not be revealed until 18th October 2018 and the remaining 9 will be from my huge wip pile. This project being one of them. The challenge runs from 18th January until 18th December 2018 and I have already filled in a 2018 planner with my proposed schedule for the year.
There are a lot of blanks at the moment as I have not yet decided what my 9 projects to make up the total of 18 are. I will finalise my choices closer to January 18th 2018.

Viennese Waltz

 This is where this was left last Saturday and below is this Saturday's progress.
Next week I should complete the top half.

Strawberry Thief
This is where this was left last Sunday and below is this Sunday's progress.
I finally completed the bottom right hand corner and this pleased me I will now continue working up the right hand side. This is  going to take longer than I had hoped but I am enjoying the process.

Autumn Sampler
This is where I left this project last week. I am now back on schedule to reach my 45 hrs during Autumn. I worked on this for 3 and half hours during the week and this is where I got to
I am really enjoying this one the colours are really lovely and cheerful.

Moonlit Kitties
 This is where I left this project last week  and below is where I have got to
I worked on this for 4 and 3/4hrs over 6 days. I am really enjoying how this is coming together.

I purchased a couple of things this week  a chart from Artecy that I have wanted for some time
and the Angel Trilogy of bead kits from Mill Hill
I have spent more than my Stitch from Stash budget for October these totalled £29.06 but I will have at least two finishes this month so I will still have a positive balance going into November.

TV and Reading

So it was much of the same. I continued watching the usual suspects. Liar continues to be interesting and as yet I am not sure what the outcome will be, and it is good to see Ioan Gruffudd acting using his lovely Welsh accent and playing a character that is a bit suspect. Dr Foster ended this week and my overall feeling about this second series is that it was just a bit sad. The son being the overall victim of two toxic parents. I still feel it did not need a second series. We also started watching the third series of Lucifer which both Simon and I really enjoy, it is very tongue in cheek and Tom Ellis really hams up the main character.

In regards to books I continued listening to A Discovery of Witches which I will finish listening to this coming week and last night as I stated in one of my Flosstube videos I started a re read of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier in memory of my late sister who died 10 years ago on the 8th October. I read three chapters and for me du Maurier can do no wrong and in my opinion this book has the best opening line it just draws you straight in wanting to know more.

The only other thing of interest this week we went and collected my husband's new company car. It is a Volvo XC60 and so far we really like it, a very comfortable drive.  It is the first time we have had a Volvo. The only thing I don't like is new car smell it literally makes me feel ill, but that will fade after a couple of weeks.

So that is it for this week. Until next week

Happy Stitching

Lisa x